ABAMET executes various types of applications in domestic wastewater projects. Process selection is made according to the technological developments, site conditions and operational capability, wastewater characteristics, quality limits, client preferences, capital and operational costs and various combinations thereof.

ABAMET, generally prefers suspended growth aerobic systems. Attached growth and anaerobic systems can also be applied up to the client preferences and circumstances.

Depending on the volumetric conditions, domestic treatment plants can be constructed of reinforced concrete or package products such as stainless steel, carbon steel or GRP.

  • Case design/other processes*
  • Package treatment units, CSBR
  • Package treatment units, CCMAS
  • Package treatment units, CMBR
  • Package treatment units, CIFAS
  • Package treatment units, CMBBR

*For alternative processes, see “Technologies” section.

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